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I have this rule about jStorm which basically says that I can't add anything to it unless there is a real need for it on a real project. This can be quite limiting and as a result jStorm only does what I have needed it to do and doesn't contain any features that I just feel like putting in for fun. For example, it doesnt do things like 1 to Many mappings (only 1 to 1) becuase so far I haven't found a real need for it. Also, it only works on MySql because I havent needed to make it work on any other databases.

If you require a feature of jStorm that isn't currently implemented, please let me know so that I can do some more work on it. Becuase I like working on it, and I think that others will benefit if it does more.

If you are using it and it does everything you need I would still like to hear from you. If you would never use it becuase you think its crap then I definately want to hear from you.

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