Using and Modifying jStorm

jStorm has been used on and evolved out of a XP project that practiced simple design. As a result of this, jStorm only does what we have ever required it to do and nothing more. I would like it to be considered a jumping off point for your own persistence needs, not a complete solution. I encourage development teams to implement the features that they need and submit changes back to me, enabling other teams to benefit from them. I feel that this is the best way to build a framework, not from speculation of how it will be used but from real world use and feedback.

jStorm has been built with modification in mind. It comes with a full suite of unit tests to enable refactoring and implementation of new functionality. I have strived to make the code clear and easy to understand. I believe that comments indicate a need for refactoring, therefore jStorm contains very little (if any). If you find something in the code that is hard to understand please shoot me an email and I will do my best to simplify it further. --Gareth Reeves